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Give tours of your hotel 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

Are you looking for more ways to market and increase online visibility of your hotel? Engage
customers and increase leads with 3D virtual tours presented in beautiful hi-definition and
allow customers 24/7 access to view and express interest in your hotel.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the social distancing restrictions that have been put in
place, free virtual tours are an effective way for hotels to continue to attract bookings digitally
in a safe and contact-free way. Learn more about our packages and introductory offer

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The Smart Choice: Why Book a Tour My Hotel 3D Matterport Tour?

What is Tour My Hotel?2021-01-05T13:07:53+00:00

Tour My Hotel is the easiest way for guests to find the perfect hotel by virtually touring and finding a room that fit their budget, location and capacity needs – all via our 3D Matterport Virtual Tour technology. 

What is a 3D Matterport Virtual Tour?2020-08-08T16:29:55+00:00

The Matterport technology is an all-in-one 3D data platform that turns a space into an accurate and immersive digital experience. Within these virtual tours, a user can “walk” around, see exactly how rooms are connected and envision how their event will come to life. See an example here.

When should I schedule my shoot? 2021-01-05T12:11:38+00:00

The best time of day to shoot is the middle of the day. This is usually when foot traffic is at its lowest. This reduces people being in some of the shots and keeps the tour as clean as possible.

How should I setup my meeting space for a tour?2021-01-05T12:15:46+00:00

Our recommendation is to shoot it empty or with very basic tables and linens – we can always come back again when the space is prepped for an event. Clients and planners all have different ways of planning and envision events, so some may be inspired by a blank slate while others need the picture painted for them. 360’s are a great way to add content to your tour as well. Ask us for more information on how we have elevated tours with the combination of both walkthrough and 360s. 

How do I become a Featured Hotel?2021-01-05T12:13:10+00:00

Please fill out the contact form and a sales person will be in touch with you with 24 hrs.

Can I have more than one tour on my profile page?2020-08-08T16:54:11+00:00

Yes you can mulitple tours on your profile.

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