Our Mission:

To give guests and planners an easier, time-saving opportunity to book rooms and conferences

TourMyHotel.com was founded on the above principle during the beginnings of COVID-19 making waves across the United States.

Many events were cancelled down for the foreseeable future due to this pandemic. Many photographers were displaced because of postponements and cancellations. This left the team at One Red Door Photography available + able. Making use of the tried + true Matterport technology has allowed this team to seize an opportunity. Now, guest as well as planners can explore different hotels from the comfort of their homes. No longer is there a need for “sight unseen” bookings, awkward video calls or travel itineraries to get 360° views of potential dream stay. TourMyHotel.com is here + happy to offer the perfect solution!

Tour Hotel Venues

For years, the team utilized 3D Matterport cameras for commercial + residential real estate. The idea of TourMyHotel.com quickly turned into a reality with this learned expertise + within weeks, hotels were lining up to schedule to have their hotels scanned in 3D. Our beginnings are right here in Northeast Ohio, with big plans to expand across the United States. Due to ease-of-use, it was almost immediate – planners were using TourMyHotel.com to find their perfect fit. Hotels have seen great response to listing with us + better communication from potential booking parties. This is attributed to less time looking at hotels that didn’t suit their needs. To list your hotel with us, simply click here – we’d love to get you added to our quickly growing venue list here at TourMyHotel.com